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NEW Anthology for Northwest Tasmanian Writers

 It's available! Ideas are Like Rabbits, our 2021 anthology of short stories and poems!  click here to view and buy a copy:  Ideas are Like Rabbits Anthology   In case you're new to our group, this anthology was created by our northwest Tasmanian members, specifically the Burnie group, however contributions were welcomed from FAW (Fellowship of Australian Writers) members living in other areas of Tasmania.    We are a diverse group from different backgrounds and differing levels of experience in writing and being published. Anyone is welcome to join! The Burnie group meet monthly, in alternating locations, in Burnie and Ulverstone, to support each other's writing journey, pass on information and tips as well as organise events and group efforts such as the anthology. Our goal is to hone our skills, to better express our thoughts and ideas, be it for fiction and non-fiction purposes, including autobiography, short stories, novels, poems, prose etc.   You can view and purchas

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