Dawn Meredith - childrens and young adult author

Writing experience:
To date I have had 11 books published, with various publishers such as Cambridge Uni Press, Rigby Heinemann, Wombat Books, Shooting Star Press and some self-published.

The first piece of my writing to make it into print was a short article for New Idea which won 'Letter of the Week' in 1995 and for which I was awarded a leather Filofax (which I still have). Numerous articles followed. My first two books were published by Cambridge University Press in 2000. Since then I followed my passion for words and produced nine books in total, most of which have been for children.
Dawn's books for children

I also wrote poems, short fiction and non-fiction for various children's educational and trade publishers over the years. All valuable experience. 

In 2017 I released my debut novel for adults, Letters From the Dead.  website here:

Writing, writing, writing!
Since 2000 I have completed seven novels, but as many writers know, that's just the beginning. Finding the right publisher can take years. In the meantime I continue to work on new projects. I have won a couple of awards for my writing and was awarded The May Gibbs Fellowship 2010 & 2011.

In 2016 Letters from the Dead  won the inaugural SCBWI Writers Award at the Sydney conference, which gave me the unique prize of mentorship with Andrea Davis Pinkney, Vice President of Scholastic USA.

My  most successful book so far has been a little book for kids with anxiety which I wrote for my clients. It was so popular with clients and their families it's now available all over the world.
12 Annoying Monsters on Amazon

After teaching children with special needs, (including ADHD, Aspergers, cognitive disabilities and gifted and talented) for 28 years, I was finally able to fulfill a dream and moved to Tasmania with my family in 2018 where I now have the opportunity to write full time, (in between farm duties!) Life is so vastly different on 100 acres compared to 1/4 acre that it became necessary to start yet another blog, about our experiences as Townie farmers.

I grew up in England, Australia and Norway and somehow lots of memories and experiences find their way into my stories, particularly the years in Norway.

My latest book is Rebel, a young adult fantasy novel, in the traditions of Lord of the Rings, Avatar and Thor. It's a thrilling adventure, with daredevil stunts,  incidental humour, a lost king and a race of people striving for freedom. the only problem is, their 'hero' is a prankster who never takes anything seriously!
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Guest appearances in schools:
As my background is teaching I have been guest speaker and workshop facilitator in many schools all over Australia. I enjoy helping the most reluctant writers and readers to begin their journey and love of the printed word.

I am happy to speak in schools or social events. You can contact me here: dawnmeredith1@gmail.com

You can also follow our farm exploits on instagram - @mytasmaniangarden 


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