Pete Stratford - poet


I was born in New Zealand and lived there until well into adulthood. Being raised in a rural community means that farm life has a significant influence on what I write. I later changed career again to spend over a decade as night care worker and counselor, while employed at a shelter for homeless people.  Coupled with leisure interests in photography and the world of nature in general, this background gives me a rich source of material to draw from.

Mentally composing poems as I was working with repetitive activities, such as shearing sheep or fruit picking, kept my brain cells active, but was rarely recorded. However while on “grey nomad” trips around Australia, my wife made brief notes for me as we drove along so that I could expand on the ideas of an evening. Thus was the gestation of my first book of verses and having  recently self published my third book of poems, I continue writing for the sheer pleasure of doing so.

I like to write about the funny side of life and sometimes topics a bit  more serious, but all my poems have something to say about the way I have observed the world.

Poems to make you laugh or think!

If you'd like copies of my books, please contact me here:

$20 per copy (postage free within Australia)
Signed &/or inscribed by author ( if requested)
Direct Deposit preferred payment


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